Geoform Book Table
When thinking about the structure of this four board table, I was thinking about the overall use and purpose. With the fifth planer element, being being a book, I wanted to explore the negative space within the structure, as well as the sense of overall completeness when the book is inserted. I also gave thought to the type of book that was being placed and how to show off its beautiful contour and graphics without exposing everything, leaving the users intrigued. Finally also considering its placing so that it would be easy to grab and explore.
Digital and Paper Sketching | Rapid Prototyping | Adobe Illustrator | SolidWorks CAD | Adobe After Effects | KeyShot ​​​​​​​

Design Process - Discovering and Sketching
After consistent research on book tables, coffee tables, as well as standard bookshelves, I started to think about book placement and how the user stores certain books depending on the content and nature of the book. I started to play around with scale and the board corners they would create when they touch.
Design Process - Creating
With the fabrication of the book table I also created a set of technical drawings to help alleviate any irregularities and making the structure sound and stable. I constructed the model using SolidWorks with defined measurements and relations.With this being to scale, I realized that I had to take into account not only physical vulnerability of the design but also material vulnerability of Poplar Wood. 
Unfortunately due to the pandemic our classes were remote before production began. Which we had to quickly switch gears from physical shop work and physically making the book tables to further 3D CAD modeling and exploring fabrication through rendering. 
The ideology and design behind this book table was created so that even though the book table hasn't been made or exists in the physical world, there is extensive design thought and process with enough information to be built if needed. This project shows how digital product design can support an idea or proposition without the need to have the object, while still having the understanding of the form and how the form is interacting with users and the real world. (Physical production of the Book Table is currently on pause)
With the sudden shift in direction, it was quite interesting to see where my ideas would translate and how it would land. With digital fabrication, I created a video of the book table being assembled in the way it would be in reality. While doing that as well as showing and highlighting subtle features of the bootable and how the book interacted and how it played its part as the fifth plane.
Here are the fabrication sketches and instructional sketches on the tools and machines in the shop. Drawing these out and creating this sequence really gave me a chance to understand how they work through explanation and observation in videos and lectures.
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