Flowform Spatula
With this project I wanted the user to be comfortable while holding the spatula while feeling the light weight object and using minimal wrist movement to further make cooking simple. This specific spatula that I created came with some challenges that were exciting to try and solve. I aimed to have catered to my fellow southpaws (left handers) while still trying to make it accessible and comfortable for right handed users.
Digital and Paper Sketching | Beech Wood | Bandsaw | Sander
Design Process - Discovering and Sketching
I stared of by looking into Beech wood and the kind of objects that are made from it. Understanding the wood and the grain pattern of the wood really helped me understand the limitations as well as the kind of possibilities that I could explore with the block of wood I was given. Because this object is a hand held object for multiple uses, it was important to understand the relationship that the user is going to have with the spatula. Especially when it comes to cooking different kinds of food and not creating any discomfort for the user.
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